Deniel Mero

Deniel is the Editor of Last Financier. His commentary is focused on the latest market trends and actionable trades in high-tech and healthcare. His investment research, with notable calls in 3D Printing, communication technologies and emerging oncology names, has been syndicated throughout leading financial media platforms across the web. Examples of Deniel’s work can be found on The Street, Seeking Alpha and GuruFocus.

Deniel holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto, where he specialized in economics and finance. He holds a CFA Level 2 candidacy and previously led a team in the CFA Research Challenge. In his spare time Deniel enjoys staying active through a variety of sports and reading his magazine subscriptions.

Brennan Eatough

Brennan has a diverse background, which includes 3 years of independent equity research, management consulting, and working within start-ups, pre and post revenue. Brennan’s research is focused on the latest market trends and IPOs within the technology space, ranging from SaaS and CRM software, to online stores and new hardware. His investment research has been distributed through 5i Research and several other conflict free research platforms.

Brennan graduated with a Bachelor’s in Applied Economics from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2014 and he is a CFA Level 1 candidate with ambitions of pursuing his CFA designation.

Brennan is currently a board member of the Equity Crowd Funding Alliance of Canada and an active alumni member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. 

Patrick Brik

Patrick evaluates market conditions, assesses and analyzes specific financial instruments and applies newly gained knowledge to drive portfolio returns. He specializes in evaluating equities, commodities and the overall general market. Patrick uses a combination of analyzing technical patterns and condensing financial information. He enjoys sharing his analysis with other investors to receive feedback on potential investment ideas. Patrick applies his knowledge of the markets by operating a family fund. He also spent more than 12 years as an investment advisor for one of the Big Five Canadian Banks.

Neelarjo Rakshit

Neelarjo applies a fundamental, research driven and value oriented approach to his investment analysis. His investigation starts with each company’s financial statements and a thorough analysis of its business prospects. He analyzes earnings and cash flow growth potential, balance sheet strength, management’s vision and the catalysts that will ultimately unlock the company’s value. His strong analytical skill-set allows him to research and study companies of all sizes in several sectors. This expertise is particularly important when evaluating small and mid-cap companies, which are largely ignored by many in the investment space.

Neelarjo holds a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from McMaster University where he graduated with Honors. He has passed all three examinations of the CFA program and has completed all the educational requirements of the CPA program. He is an avid CrossFit enthusiast who loves to cook different global cuisines with a healthy urban twist.

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