Upcoming MAC Coverage & Celleration Acquisition Helping Alliqua Build Multi-Hundred Million Wound Care Business

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Last week, Alliqua (ALQA) announced Q4 & FY 2014 results with revenue of $1.7M and $4.8M, respectively. CEO Dave Johnson’s company update validated that Alliqua was still in the early innings of developing a multi-hundred million dollar business. Here’s why Alliqua is still one of my largest portfolio holdings.

Conservative 2015 Guidance & Strong Margins

Total 2015 revenue is expected to be between $15.5M - $18M. Though this signifies great growth, the actual figures will most likely end up higher than expected for two reasons:

Revenue from obtaining Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) approval was not included in projections
Celleration 2H contributions will come in higher than guided (as I will explain later in this article)

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